Advanced Functionality

From a head to toe, OPUS products are under review in regard of all the structual parts, in order to realize advanced functionality. Through selection of appropriate materials and structure and repeatitive strength tests, we achieved the balance between design and functionality.

Round Hinge Tecnologylogo-round_hinge_tec.jpg

A newly developed system, called “Round Hinge Technology”, is adopted in
OP-1000~1009 model. The impressive design represents OPUS, indeed. It is quite different from an ordinary hinge in styles, and the smooth hinge have passed the endurance test conducted by our affiliate company. The hinges are manufactured under the high quality standard.


Smart Hinge Systemlogo-smart_hinge_sys.jpg

An exclusive hinge, called “Smart Hinge System”, is used for OP-1010 and OP-1011 model. Compared with other ordinary hinges, it possesses both the sufficient strength and functionality despite the smaller sizes. Moreover, Applying a reverse screw with a torque fastening in rotating direction, it prevents a screw thread.


Easy Fit Nose Padlogo-easyfit_nosepad.jpg

The newly developed pad arms, called “Easy Fit Nose Pad”, are installed in all the model. They are made of β-Titanium, to make them thinner and maintain good spring property. Round holes on the pad arms give easy-fit functions and become part of design. Besides, we apply a strength simulation based on 3D CAD system in order to reach the high quality standard.