Evolutionary Functions

There’s no royal road to evolve a function. We are seeking the MADE-IN-JAPAN quality after repeated trial and error. We aimed for the evolution of the functions in eyewear by giving the highest priority to the comfort in actual use. Consequently, our redesigning went into minute details in the balance between weights and strength.

Round Hinge Tecnologylogo-round_hinge_tec.jpg

Well-received round hinges are modified with titanium parts in components.
The smooth motion results from the precise manufacturing.



3D β-Titanium Nose Armlogo-3d_norse_arm.jpg

A nose arm is made of β-Titanium and newly designed with titanium curving techniques. 
Modifying the form, the nose pad is well-balanced in appearance without loosing the refreshing simplicity.



Double Molding Temple

Adopting the Rabaron double molding techniques, the lightweight and durable temples are made. As a result, the temples fit well with your face by improving a holding power of the temples.