Advanced Functionality

From a head to toe, OPUS products are under review in regard of all the structual parts, in order to realize advanced functionality. Through selection of appropriate materials and structure and repeatitive strength tests, we achieved the balance between design and functionality. We are seeking the MADE-IN-JAPAN quality after repeated trial and error. We aimed for the evolution of the functions in eyewear by giving the highest priority to the comfort in actual use. Consequently, our redesigning went into minute details in the balance between weights and strength.



New Round Hinge Tecnologylogo-round_hinge_tec.jpg

In the 3rd collection, the round hinges are newly developed.
By applying a coiled absorber holding a push head, the system keeps open/closed torque more tight and stable.



3D β-Titanium Nose Armlogo-3d_norse_arm.jpg

A nose arm is made of β-Titanium and newly designed with titanium curving techniques. 
Modifying the form, the nose pad is well-balanced in appearance without loosing the refreshing simplicity.