Concept of 4th collection

Be more comfortable and durable to wear for the optical frame, and more to a minimalism design OPUS encourages the users to wear our eyewears in safety for long. Our goal is the top of the world quality.


Balance between strength and flexibility

OPUS uses the hard materials on the rims to firmly fasten the lenses to the frame, considering the flexibility and the lighteness for comfort. Consequently, we choose the different materials on the metal parts, such as standard titanium and titanium alloys (a mixture of half-titanium and β-titanium.



Round Hinge Tecnologyfunction

A round hinge became an icon of OPUS, which never loosen a screw by putting a screw on the side of the hinge. With a smooth resin on the slide parts of the hinge, it keeps the torque smooth. 50,000 open-close tests proves the toughness of the round hinges. As a result, you are free from the anxiety of loosen a screw in the temple. In the 4th collection, all the hinge parts (screws, springs, and pushes) are made of stainless-steel and titanium to protect against the rust.



Ion-Plating Surface Treatmentlogo-ion_plating.jpg

All the models ( except for OPU-1028 Col.1 ) are ion-plated on the titanium parts of the frame to avoid stains. Besides, ionplated surface protects the colors form color peel-off, scratches, and the rust. Needless to say, we never use allergic materials like nickel for the frame.



SMP Nose Padslogo-smp_pad.jpg

Applying nose pads made of Shape Memory Plastics ( SMP / by SASAMATA CO.,LTD. ), which have a glass transitional point same as human body temperature the pads follow the nose shape so that they can dispersethe weight of glasses on the nose and gurantee comfort fit. SMP is medically applied as a high biocompatible material, besides the core parts are made of titanium effective against allergies.



The temple socks made of cellulose propionate (CP) resin

The temple socks made of cellulose propionate (CP) resin The temple tips consist of fibrous cotton resin made from natural fibers for ecological and human friendly products. The fibers feature high impact resistance and less electrification to keep your hair static-free.