Succession x Evolution = Future

5th Collection showcase the enhanced functionality powered by our advanced manufacturing technology and new materials, while preserving the characteristics and individuality from the past collections.



Compatibility between Strength and Flexibility

As to the structure of frames, they are divided into two structural parts; the rigid structure firmly attaching the lenses and the flexible structure with lightweight offering comfort and exact fit for the users. They consist of the most suitable metals and plastics for each function, and offer the shapes capable of providing sufficient performance.



Round Hinge (patented)logo-round_hinge_tec.jpg

The upper hinges of 2015 round models are made from POM engineering plastics with high durability. The new hinges with click function are more stable and easier to open and close than ever besides an anti-loosening screws.



Durable Hybrid Titanium Rim

For the rims of OPU-1031 and OPU-1032, 2.0-3.0 mm wide hybrid Titanium is used, which is so durable against the deformation and breakage of the rims that it can install considerably thick lenses.



Titanium and Precious Metal Surface Treatmentlogo-ion_plating.jpg

As to the surface treatment on Titanium(IP) frames, ion plating and precious metal plating are applied for protecting the surface from a fading, peeling-off, and rusting. Needless to say, no allergic materials are used like nickel.



SMP(Shape Memory Polymer) Nose Padslogo-smp_pad.jpg

Applying the nose pads with SMP, they enable to equally disperse the load on the nose and guarantee the comfort fit for the users by changing the shape along the nose. SMP and Titanium core parts are medically used because of its high bio-compatibility.



Japan-made cellulose-acetate temple socks

The temple socks are ecological and human friendly since they are made from natural fibrous cotton resin called acetylcellulose resin. The socks show the beautiful finish an deep color patterns without an equal.