The brand new 6th OPUS eyewear collections for next season consist of four different plastics with various functions for each parts. No matter what styles has been changed, the basic concepts of OPUS never change, "lighter, stronger, and more comfortable and ergonomic glasses for everyone."


The front frames fabricated with engineering plastics

Bringing highly durable engineering plastics with special anti-stain coating, the front part features thin shape with lightweight and shows a marked increase in Neoclassical traits.


β-titanium Endpiece

Because an endpiece needs to endure the external stress and hold the eyeglasses on one's head with minimal force, the endpiece is made of β-titanium that is the most lightweight and flexible in the metals.


Round Hinge (patented)logo-round_hinge_tec.jpg

5th collection features engineering plastics with high durability, whose hinges have click functions that enable the user to open and close easier and more comfortably. With a smooth resin on the slide parts of the hinge, it keeps the torque smooth. 25,000 open-close tests proves the toughness of the round hinges.


β-titanium nose arms and nose pads with SMP(Shape Memory polymer)logo-smp_pad.jpg

Applying nose arms made of β-titanium with lightweight and flexibility, the arms disperse the load and vibration meaning less effects on the nose. Besides, the nose pads are made of SMP that automatically reshape itself by temperature changes thereby they adjust the load on the nose accordingly and fit into any kind of noses.


Japanese manufactured cellulose-acetate temple socks

With the temple socks made from cotton fiber as a prime ingredient of cellulose acetate, you can adjust the temple shape to fit around the head. No wonder, the temple socks are lightweight and stainless, fabricated with titanium.